In 2017, Deerhammer saw a 124 percent increase in whiskey production. The distillery introduced the first extension of its flagship American Single Malt to the market and bottled two other new whiskies, among many other achievements that include their most recent win at the Good Food Awards.


Deerhammer 2017 Year in Review


Deerhammer increased its whiskey production by 124 percent from 2016. This includes the first extension of its flagship product to the market, Port Cask Finish American Single Malt. It joins the Deerhammer spirits lineup that is distributed across Colorado. 

Deerhammer’s flagship American Single Malt received a silver medal from the American Distilling Institute in the Malt Whiskey category of the 2017 spirits awards.

Also last year, Deerhammer also launched two tasting room only whiskeys, Bourbon and Rye. These spirits are currently only available for purchase at the distillery in Buena Vista, and are slated to hit the shelves later in 2018. The distillery’s new Rough & Tumble hickory smoked corn whiskey will be available at select Colorado bars in March, and also available in liquor stores in summer 2018.

“Heading into 2018 we anticipate additional growth in whiskey produced, and to finally tap into the full potential of our distilleries significant production capacity,” says Owner and Head Distiller Lenny Eckstein.

Deerhammer is still producing the Progeny Series, a lineup of small-batch spirits created through inspired partnerships with other crafters in Colorado. These include a whiskey and chocolate pairing with Cultura Chocolate, and other collaborations with Wit’s End Brewing Company, Call To Arms Brewing, Crooked Stave, and Colorado Cider Company. The distillery will release more information about The Progeny Series debut later in 2018.

Last week, Deerhammer American Single Malt Whiskey was named a finalist in the spirits category of the 2018 Good Food Awards

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Steeped in Tradition. Crafted in Colorado. 

Amy and Lenny Eckstein founded Deerhammer in 2010. Drawn to Buena Vista, Colorado by the whitewater currents of the Arkansas River, their passion for whiskey is driven by that same adventurous spirit. As artisans and business owners, Amy and Lenny’s process is defined by a deep curiosity for the history of spirits and a thoughtful analysis of each individual step of the distilling process. Deerhammer's cornerstone contribution to the field of American craft spirits, Single Malt Whiskey, has become the company's flagship product. Deerhammer also distills Whitewater Whiskey, Buena Vista Brandy, and Dutch Style Gin. Find the distillery online at