This Mother's Day I'm giving my Mom a growler full of flowers.

My Mom loves craft beer, but that wasn't always the case. When I moved home from Oregon she repeatedly tried to toss my empty 64 oz. growlers from the likes of Prodigal Sun Brewing Co. and Double Mountain Brewing. I'd find them curbside with other recyclables on a weekly basis.

Now a few years later my Mom has developed a taste for craft beer, specifically fruited and soured beers. She digs the tart white wine-like characters in kettle sours, and the abundance of beers made with fruit, raspberries especially. These beers she loves tend to be made in smaller batches and aren't always packaged. If they leave the brewery it's from a draft via growler or Crowler.

So I'm giving my mom #growlerflowers.

DETAILS ABOUT WHAT GROWLER. Now she's in-the-know on how to enjoy draft-only beer as fresh as possible at home. And I told her if she doesn't want to keep the glass jug, she can repurpose it for the The Growler Flower Project by refilling it with fresh flowers and gifting it to a friend.

Buy Your Mom A Beer

Fill a growler for your mom at participating breweries this Mother's Day and get a Growler Flowers tag for free while supplies last.

Spice Trade? Strange? Lone Tree? Burial?

Give #GrowlerFlowers

Join the campaign for beer beer freshness!

Re-purpose your old growlers as flower vases, fill with flowers,  and gift to a fellow beer lover with one of our custom tags. Proceeds for the tags support the Brewers Association.

If you're a brewery, growler fill station, or florist, we hope you'll considering buying and selling The Growler Flower project tags to promote customer education. More details here.

Our friend Karen at Osla in Portland, Oregon recommends flowers... because...

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