Five Rad Years In Business

You might have noticed that every photo posted since the launch of the @radcraftbeer Instagram account earlier this year has incorporated wood, the fifth year anniversary gift. From barrel staves and bar tops to beachwood and bonfires, with forests of trees and backyard fences to boot, we've found a lot of ways to showcase this treasured resource. Wood is a symbol for the bonds and strength formed after 60 months, and an important material for the production of fermented malted barley. We're proud to say that we wouldn't be here without the strong relationships we've developed with our craft beer, whiskey, and malt partners. 

Hutto at Odell.jpg

When I founded the co-op in 2012, I was a beer writer who aspired to  launch a brewery incubator of sorts that offered classes and other brewing education opportunities. I even recruited help— my dear friends Tyler Monk (who now co-owns Bengal Brewing & Supply Co.) and Kate Pfretzschner (who is changing the world with her structural engineering prowess), whom I still consult often as trusted advisors of the company.

RadCraft pivoted, though, as more and more companies that I was working with on journalism projects expressed their need for communications support.

To-date, RadCraft has become that support system for more than 20 craft breweries, distilleries, and maltsters across the United States. Our partners are radically impacting the craft industry, and it's our true honor to help tell those stories. 

There is so much more to come. We'll see you in 2018.

— Emily Hutto


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